Friday, October 23, 2020

autumn, my old friend

 a devastatingly beautiful nostalgia

washes over my mind

like the tide.

beige and blue 

and my mom's eyes

somehow the shadows of leaves

dancing on the wall 

makes me think of the 22 autumns

I've lived before this

a breeze of loneliness and of love,

innocence and the excitement of starting school

summer ended with its blazing heat.

the dew settles.

the puppy at our feet 

looks like a miniature version

of the dog I grew up loving.

my senses are soaked. 

I hear my sister laugh.

I know I've been here before.

the wind chime 

that used to dangle from the chicken coop

when I was nine

now hangs in a pear tree.

her song kept grandma Sonny company on hard days, 

and now the wind sends her whirling for me, too. 

that fall breeze that sent my little-girl tresses spinning

calls me by name.

an old friend

who is back to check in.

The shadows of the leaves on the wall -

they're gone now.

the sun tucks in with more of a hurry, 

but we are starting to slow down;

syrupy sweet moments inside

with steaming soups that fog window panes

and board games that last all night.

I send up a prayer 

because this fall is unlike any other.

Hell is outside the window

with thirsty fires, political strife, and a toxic virus.

inside, we are safe in each other's arms. 

Though the autumn leaves may burn before they fall

we will hold these walls up

as tall as they will stand.

The dew is settled, as is the nostalgia

and we light a morning candle.

The fresh breath of the earth feels like a good place to start

in trying to sort out whats real

and what's not. 

Happy Autumn, all. 

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